Min mærkeligste taxatur i Cape Town

min mærkeligste taxatur nogensinde i Cape Town

Som backpacker, så tager jeg som oftest offentlig transport. Det er billigt, det er en oplevelse og det giver et indblik i det land, som jeg nu besøger. Det er dog ikke altid muligt at tage offentlig transport og ikke altid den bedste mulighed om aftenen når man er solorejsende. I Cape Town skal man ikke altid gå rundt når mørket har lagt sig, det kommer lidt an på hvor man bor. Det ledte en aften til den mærkeligste taxatur, som jeg nogensinde har haft.

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Faces of the World #5

I love people! Meeting new people is the best part of travelling. I love to hear their stories and everyone has a story. So I have dedicated a series of posts to the people – called Faces of the World. All of these photos are taking by me and I might even share their story. See part one, two, three and four for more photos of beautiful people! Even though I might not have any more photos to put in this series (I have more photos of people, but not from any more countries). Several of the people of this post are still my friend today. This series will continue, when I go travelling later this year, I promise to find more beautiful people out there! 🙂


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Breathtaking Lesotho in photos


Lesotho is a country that is often overlooked by South Africa and a lot of people have actually not even heard about the country, which is a shame. It is such a beautiful country! Back in 2011 I took a day trip to Lesotho from South Africa. I really wanted to see the country in the skies. I wish I had the time to spend more than a day in this country, because I loved it from the first second! Hopefully I will be able to spend more time there one day. Take a look at my photos and you might end up putting it on your wish list too!

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