This year’s travel plans!

This year is going to be amazing! I can’t wait for the travels to begin! I have mainly planned one trip and then I will take things as they come along. Read where this year’s travel plans will take me!


This spring I will be going to Copenhagen at least once. I usually go 3-4 times a year and this year is not exception. I love these small weekend trips away from it all here in Aarhus and is looking forward to a few weekends in Copenhagen 🙂


Aarhus (276)

This summer I will mainly stay in Aarhus in order to work and save up money for my next big trip, but it is not all bad. This year I will be working as a guide at the International Biology Olympiad, which means I will be checked into a nice hotel here in Aarhus and then spend time with bunch of students from all over the world make them have fun and show them some of the Danish tourist attractions 🙂 I might also take a small trip to Manchester to visit a friend or to southern Europe, time will tell 🙂 Read more about my trip to Greece here and my time at the IBO here.



The big trip of the year! After finishing my bachelor in October I will be heading on a plane and flying to South East Asia for 3-3.5 months! I can’t wait! It has been four years since my last visit and I can’t wait to return! The first 3-3.5 weeks I will be travelling Myanmar and Thailand with my mum and then I will be on my own. 🙂 I can’t wait to go see Myanmar and Thailand with my mum as we have been talking about this trip for years, but it has been postpone for other trips until now! I am really looking forward to travelling long term on my own as well!

Where will you be going this year? 🙂

A happy ending in Bangkok

A happy ending in Bangkok

I have been on countless overnight buses, but one stands out from it all. I had only been backpacking for a few weeks on my first solo trip around the world and was heading towards Bangkok from Koh Samui. I had an amazing time travelling Malaysia for about a month before travelling to Thailand. I didn’t know what to expect of Thailand. I feared that it was ruined by tourism, but I had heard so many good things about Thailand, that I was still hopeful. My start in Thailand wasn’t the best, especially the overnight bus was tough. Read more about this bus ride here.

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