Wonderful Argentina in photos

Argentina in photos

Argentina is a huge country! And I only had about two weeks in the country, so I only concentrated about the northern parts. I hope I will be able to visit the southern parts one day! The nature in the north was incredible and I can only imagine how it would be in the southern parts! I hope you will enjoy this small journey from the north

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Faces of the World #3

I love people! Meeting new people is the best part of travelling. I love to hear their stories and everyone has a story. So I have dedicated a series of posts to the people – called Faces of the World. All of these photos are taking by me and I might even share their story. See part the other part one, two and four for more photos of beautiful people!

Faces of the world #3

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Hiking the Inca Trail, Peru


Machu Picchu – the dream of many travellers. Surrounded by valleys, the lush jungle and a visit to a bunch of fairly well preserved ruins makes the inca trail trek a wonderful once in a lifetime experience. Read about my trek to Machu Picchu, the small ups and downs and dream yourself away to this magnificent place.

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