things to see in London

London (64)

London is one of the most visited cities in the world. 16.8 million people visited London and with good reason! The city has a lot to offer and even though I have visit this vibrant city three times I still haven’t seen a fraction of London! Here I will share some of the things you shouldn’t miss while in London!

things to see in London


1. Big Ben
Big Ben is probably tourist attraction number one in London. I am not sure what makes Big Ben special, but it is simply beautiful and the details in the architecture are amazing. There is just something about Big Ben and the UK parliament! I wish I was British so I could get a Big Ben and Elizabeth tower tour! But you shouldn’t miss a visit to Big Ben. Your family and friends would probably question if you had actually been to London if you didn’t came home with a photo of this London icon 😉

2. Buckingham Palace
Another must do! You simply have to see where the Queen lives. It is England for Christ sake! 😉 You might even consider visiting the inside of the palace (see more here) or in case you don’t want to pay to go inside the palace then I would consider visiting the palace at 11.15/11.30 to noon to see the change of the guards! (For further information see here)

3. Tower of London
Do you want to see the Crown Jewels? Or the famous ravens? According to the legend Tower of London and England will fall when the ravens leave the place, so the seven ravens there (the required six and one spare!) and they are well taken care of. They are huge and you shouldn’t get too close to them. The Crown Jewels are beautiful and I think it is really cool that you are able to see them in display!

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4. Tower bridge
Again one of the many icons of London! But just like Big Ben it is hard to miss! If you walk around the tourist center you will come across it eventually! It is larger than you might think at least it was to me and walking across the bridge is a must do in London!

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5. London eye
To be fair I haven’t actually tried London eye, but I like the view of the ferries wheel! It fits well in the urban scene of London. It is a bit pricey (like most things in London), but I have heard that it is well worth the money (from £19.35). See more here. If you find the ferries wheel too expensive then I can recommend just taking a look nearby so you will get a feeling of the size of it 😉

6. The Thames 
Okay, you can’t go to London without walking next to the Thames! I mean most of the attraction mentioned above is right at the Thames. So unless you walk with your eyes closed then you will see the Thames. I will recommend getting a cup of coffee or tea (you are in England right 😉 ) and just enjoy life as it passes by.

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7. Tafalgar Square
A place you shouldn’t miss! It is so beautiful! Sure, it is busy with all the tourists, the cars and buses driving next to the square and the locals walking around, but it is busy for a reason! It is in front of the National Gallery where I will recommend taking some time to sit on the steps and enjoy the view like the one from above! You will not only find the beautiful, turquoise fountains, Nelson’s column, the lion and men statues but also the changing artwork at the fourth plinth. Sure, there is enough to see here!

London (319)

8. Hyde Park
London is full of parks and I recommend Hyde Park. It is one of eight royal parks in London and well a good getaway from the busy and sometimes noisy London – Unless you go to speakers’ corner where everyone are able to stand up and say what ever they want (and some might even shout it out loud!). During the summer you will be able to sit on one of the many deck chairs put up in the park and at winter you will be able to visit the Winter Wonderland market. Keep an eye on this page for the most recent events in the park.

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9. Picadilly Circus
Famous from movies Picadilly is well visited. Here you will be able to find the biggest collection of advertising signs in London! There is not much to do here than seeing the signs, the statue and then go shopping in the nearby shops, but again an icon of London.

10. Notting Hill
Known from the movie with the same name. Notting Hill is a romantic neighbourhood in West London. Most people just go there to see Portobello Road market (read more here) or to see the famous book store from the movie, but it is also worth a visit when there is no market. Go to a small café or just take a stroll through the small streets 🙂

London (274)

11. Greenwich
Visit the Greenwich meridian from where GMT derives from. You will be able to stand with your feet on both sides of the meridian, which is pretty cool. But it is not the only thing Greenwich has to offer. The trip to the observatory is stunning, the market and the city is cosy and worth some of your time! I would recommend taking the boat there. It is worth the money 🙂

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12. Carnaby Street
Carnaby Street is a place like no other. It is really cool! You will be able to find colourful buildings like the ones above, cool and rather odd shops where you will be able to find all kinds of things! I recommend visit Choccywoccydoodah, a shop specialised in creating chocolate cakes and sculptures like no other!

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13. Covent Garden
Okay, Covent Garden is actually a market, but I decided not to include it in my list of five cool markets in London because to me it is so much more than a market. The atmosphere is great! And the food is awesome delicious. It is worth to visit this market hall! And when I was there I hardly met any tourists – bonus!

What do you think of London? What would you recommend visiting?



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