Argentina is a huge country! And I only had about two weeks in the country, so I only concentrated about the northern parts. I hope I will be able to visit the southern parts one day! The nature in the north was incredible and I can only imagine how it would be in the southern parts! I hope you will enjoy this small journey from the north


Capitolio in Buenos Aires – the details are stunning and the surrounding park compliments this beautiful building very well


The parks in Buenos Aires are beautiful all year long


There is a lot of homeless and people collecting card boards all over Buenos Aires 


The famous Caminito area in Buenos Aires, full of colours, tango and tourists


A nice “lunch” after a visit in Caminito


The tomb of Evita Parón. She worked hard for the Argentinian women and fought for their rights to vote among other things. La Recoleta Cemetery where she lays is worth a visit


Flotalis Generica. The sculpture is designed to open and close, just like a real flower


Protest banners at Plaza de Mayo


I took a photo of a man roasting almonds and all the sudden this girl wanted a photo. I took it and all the sudden 10-15 others asked me to take a photo haha 🙂


Iguazu falls – I love waterfalls and Iguazu is not an exception!


Taking a small, free boat ride to San Martín island in the middle of Iguazu national park. The island is not always open to visitors (I depends on the weather I guess…) – it was closed when I arrived in the morning, but a few hours later it had opened – it is an awesome free thing to do in the park. It is beautiful and you might get close to the 


These waterfalls are amazing and the longest in the world! Oh, I cloud go on and on with photos of these falls! But I will stop now I promise! 😉


On the top of Salta. The gaucho (cowboy) capital of Argentina


Hanging out with the locals in Salta 😉 Apparently, there was some sort of festival while I was there, so there were a lot more gauchos and horses in the city than usually 


A trip to Argentina is only complete with a steak. Here is two at 600 g (the smallest on the menu!)

Argentina is a diverse country and I only had about 12-14 days in the country. I hope I will be able to visit again! I would very much like to visit the Patagonia region! Have you ever been?

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