Kos: Day 1 – Arrival


If you have kept an eye on my instagram profile, then you might know that I have recently spent a week in Kos, Greece. It was a last minute decision. At Wednesday the 27th I wrote my mother and asked if she wanted to go on a last minute trip. I thought that I couldn’t convince her, so it was mostly a joke, but it wasn’t hard at all! I couldn’t travel on Thursday the 28th  which would have been a cheaper day to travel. On the 28th we sat down and looked at trips at 4 pm we booked a trip and at 7 am on the 29th we were on a flight to Greece! What started as a joke ended up becoming a reality! It was actually really nice to get away from uni (which I needed at the point) and it was really nice that we just did it instead of just talking about it. And October just seemed so far away, I needed to travel sooner!
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