Diving in Kos

Day 6 in Kos was a day I had been looking forward to! It was the day I was going to diving again. I was a bit anxious. The last time I dived it had been way to long since my previous dive and I was really nervous and didn’t feel comfortable for the first minutes of the dive. I had no idea how I would feel this time, so I decided not to bring my camera and focus on the dive instead of the photos.


“Our” pool is about 1/5 of those at the resort

The huge resort
Once again we got up early to catch some breakfast before I was heading to the dive centre about 2 km away from the hotel. I arrived at the dive centre a bit early. They were still having a staff meeting, so I had to wait some time till they were finished. I got in the car with a girl from Slovakia (I can’t remember the name, but if I could I would probably have a hard time spelling it 😉 ). She had started diving 9 years ago when she tried a discover scuba diving course here on Kos. She then went further with her scuba diving education and has been here for nine years now. We drove around to pick up the two others who were suppose to dive with me – A British woman and a Polish man. They both had full equipment, so I felt a bit like an outsider with only a snorkel and glasses. They both seemed like two lovely people and we were all excited about going diving – especially the Polish who’s first sentence to us were: “I am so lucky. Diving with two beautiful ladies” (said with a heavy Polish accent of course). We drove to a HUGE resort where we were suppose to dive from. Man, I did not fit in at this place at all! Seriously, they had two enormous pools – one with a real sized pirate boat at one end (on the short side) and one with real size ruins. We walked down the basement of a small house where we met Oliver, our Swedish divemaster, who would be joining us for the dive. Let me just say that Kos Divers is probably the most professional dive centre I have ever dived with. Soon after I arrived I had three guys helping me getting the right equipment. They made sure that I left my dive certificate – in case the coast guard would come by and check it (I have never been asked to leave my certificate before…). They made sure that I was hydrated and felt safe. Needless to say I was well taking care of.

Borrowed on courtesy of Kos Divers

Dive time!
When we were all ready, we walked down to the beach – man, had I forgotten how heavy the equipment is! We had a short briefing and walked into the water. I had no idea what to expect, but we were in for a lovely surprise. We saw some plumose anemones, a lot of fish including the yellowspotted burrfish, the Tentacled blenny, and the poisonous Small red scorpionfish. The dive centre has placed statues of Greek Gods in the ocean and had even made a “wreck” to attract more animals to the beach and it is an success! It was a perfect macro dive with a lot of colourful animals. Oliver and the Polish guy even saw Tunas. When finishing the dive we had to take off our flippers and climb up the sand and out of the water. It is harder than you think and it was so weird not having the same propulsion as before. It was a great dive and I didn’t feel nervous at all. I would recommend Kos Divers to everyone who wants a good diving experience. But I think it would be worth considering spending another €10 and go with Liamis Dive Centre which offers boat dives from Kos harbour as you might see dolphins or/and turtles (Kos Divers was €50 for one dive and €90 for two including equipment – I only choose Kos divers because I am saving money up to dive in Thailand later this year, but they are still great).


Kosta and his restaurant

Eating at a restaurant owned by friends
The Slovakian girl drove me back to the centre information closer to my hotel from where I walked back. My mum met me half way and together we walked back. We spend some time relaxing at the balcony before hitting the pool. It was nice to relax a few hours and do nothing more than enjoying the sun, a good book and just having time to do absolutely nothing! We then walked to town where we bought a few presents, spices, oil and about half of the pharmacy (they had a sale and my mum went a bit crazy 😉 ). We had dinner at Kostas grill house again. We had already visit the restaurant once before and now we were greeted as friends with kisses on the cheeks and warm hugs. We had a wonderful Greek dinner. This is truly one of the best places to eat in the town centre! We actually also found out that one of the owners were Swedish (Kosta’s wife) and she truly enjoyed being able to speak Swedish again. We enjoyed a walk at the harbour before walking home to our hotel. 

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Siden jeg var barn har jeg drømt om at tage ud og rejse. I år 2011 tog jeg for første gang afsted på en længere rejse. Det endte med at blive seks måneders solorejse og siden har jeg blot forsat med at rejse. Jeg elsker kultur, at se steder som jeg ikke har set før og mødet med de lokale. Jeg rejser sjældent med en guidebog eller kort, da jeg er ret god til at finde vej og elsker at gå på opdagelse. Til gengæld er også jeg utrolig god til at miste mine ting og burde snart indberegne erstatning for mistede ting i mine budgetter....

Tak fordi du læser med!


  1. Godt at høre at det var en rigtig god oplevelse 😀 Blev det kun til det ene dyk eller vendte du tilbage for flere oplevelser? Jeg ved ikke rigtig, hvornår jeg kommer til at dykke igen. Lige pt. kan jeg mærke, at der er andre oplevelser der trækker mere i mig og som jeg hellere vil spare penge op til. Det skal nok passe, at der går et par år, før jeg kommer i vandet igen :p

    1. Det blev bare til det ene, da jeg hellere ville gemme pengene til Asien 😉 Det kan jeg godt forstå! Jeg synes dog ofte at det er dyrt at genopfriske og så kan man næste lige så godt få det ene dyk, men det kommer jo også an på hvornår man skal dykke igen 🙂

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