I love people! Meeting new people is the best part of travelling. I love to hear their stories and everyone has a story. So I have dedicated a series of posts to the people – called Faces of the World. All of these photos are taking by me and I might even share their story. See part one, two, three and four for more photos of beautiful people! Even though I might not have any more photos to put in this series (I have more photos of people, but not from any more countries). Several of the people of this post are still my friend today. This series will continue, when I go travelling later this year, I promise to find more beautiful people out there! 🙂


Germany – This is Manau from Germany. I met her while travelling in Malaysia. We met while visiting the Petronas Towers and decided to spend the day together. We visited Little India, Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve (where this picture was taken), Chow kit, the local market and had dinner together in China Town. Manau lives in Berlin where she is studying Scandinavian studies.


Greece – I met Romeo on a bicycle trip in Kos. He owns a local Tavern on the east side of Kos. He was very friendly and we were a bit sad that we were full and unable to buy more than a milkshake. It was obvious that he was proud of his restaurant and love his life! The restaurant is runed by him, his daughter and wife – his daughter was still learning English and his wife didn’t really speak any, so he had the most contact with the costumers. He was so nice!

It really seemed like he had made the most of his opportunities with great success! He was so surprised when I asked for a photo and he got really happy when he realized that I wanted a picture of him and wanted it to be perfect. This photo might not be perfect, but I am really happy that I was able to take it – Thanks Romeo! 🙂

The Netherlands – This is Jantine. She is a funny and great girl, who I met and travelled with in Cape Town. We climbed Table Mountain together, visit Boulders beach and so much more. We had so much fun! She has a love for Africa and is now a nurse working and living in Amsterdam with her boyfriend.

faces of the world

Turkey – I met this woman while in Turkey. She sat outside of the grand bazaar in Bodrum. She and the rest of the sellers outside of the bazaar were completely ignored by the tourists. The tourists wanted their geniunely fake designer clothes, towels and handbags. I simply loved her face. For every wrinkle there is a story and I wish I could have heard all of them, but she had to work. She seemed pleased with her photo, but didn’t really change expression and just continued selling dates, nuts etc.


Zimbabwe – This is Nyasha or Nyashadzashe if you prefer his full first name. He comes from Zimbabwe, but now lives in Cape Town, South Africa. He works at the Green Elephant (the hostel I stayed in while in CT). He works in the reception, but do also take tourists on tours to Table Mountain, Lions head and the observatory. When he is not working, he spends most of his time working out, running and riding his bicycle (and occasionally writes a travel guide for this page). He is a good friend and after more than four years after my stay in CT we still find time to talk.


Siden jeg var barn har jeg drømt om at tage ud og rejse. I år 2011 tog jeg for første gang afsted på en længere rejse. Det endte med at blive seks måneders solorejse og siden har jeg blot forsat med at rejse. Jeg elsker kultur, at se steder som jeg ikke har set før og mødet med de lokale. Jeg rejser sjældent med en guidebog eller kort, da jeg er ret god til at finde vej og elsker at gå på opdagelse. Til gengæld er også jeg utrolig god til at miste mine ting og burde snart indberegne erstatning for mistede ting i mine budgetter....

Tak fordi du læser med!


  1. Smukke smukke billeder Tine 🙂 Jeg synes at det er en rigtig god ide du her har fundet på, godt gået. Det er jo tit de mennesker man møder på sine rejser der gør det største indtryk på en.
    Hvor går rejsen hen til efteråret ? Er det den til Burma og Thailand?

    1. Jo tak, det er jeg glad for at du synes 🙂 Nemlig, det er folket som gør et land dejligt 🙂 Jeg skal tre måneder til Sydøstasien – starter med 3-3,5 uge med min mor i Thailand og Burma og derefter rejser jeg alene, så det bliver nok Laos og Vietnam, de skulle være så smukke og der har jeg endnu ikke været, så glæder mig til at besøge tre nye lande 🙂

    1. Det håber jeg at det bliver! 🙂 Jeg glæder mig også meget! Også til at dele mine oplevelser med jer 🙂

  2. Awesome Tine, lovely stories and experience you are getting from one corner of the world to another. Keep up sharing your experiences and good stories, it feels like i’m traveling too by just reading your articles.

    1. Thanks Nyasha. I am so excited that you are actually reading along 🙂 Aww, that is so sweet! Thanks friend, I will try to keep up the standards 😉 Keep up being awesome 😉

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