Malaysia in photos

Malaysia – The true Asia according to their tourism board is amazing and have everything to offer. Go to Borneo to visit the lush jungle, getting close to some weird and some beautiful animals, visit Kuala Lumpur for the big city experience, visit the 130 million years old rainforest Taman Negara, visit the cold Cameron Highlands for tea plantation and strawberries or visit a beautiful beach for relaxation and diving!


A close-up of the Murugan statue at the Batu Caves outside Kuala Lumpur. Notice the bird at the left eye of the statue 


One day I wanted to walk back from the Petronas towers to my hostel and ended up in the KL slum by a mistake, but people were still nice and helpful 🙂


I met this beauty while diving at Sipadan! Turtles are one of my favourite marine animals <3


Sipadan is beautiful and really worth the money!


Staying on Mabul while taking my Advance open water meant that I had this water and a beautiful beach to myself (and the locals) during the day!! It is worth a visit even if you are not diving. 


Some of the locals in Mabul. They are really friendly! They love having their photos taken and laughing about it! They live of what the sea provide them and are really happy 🙂


The Niah Caves outside Miri, Borneo. This house is 40,000 years old which is the the oldest recorded human settlement in east Malaysia. The caves are stunning and hardly any tourists visit this amazing place. In the right season you will also see people collecting the expensive birds nests (swiftlet) which are used in traditional Chinese medicin


One of the many walkways in Bako National Park near Kuching in Sarawak. This is a great place for trekking (and the first place I went trekking for real!). It is beautiful and has a lot of trails, if you pick one of the longer ones, you might end up trekking there alone 🙂


Our rides to the long houses in Borneo in Sarawak. The ride was beautiful, but I was a bit disappointed by the meeting with the long house, way too touristic and it felt a bit like a trip to the zoo rather than a meeting with an interesting people


Visited a orang-utan center on the way to the long house. I was looking forward to see the orang-utans because I didn’t meet them in the wild. We left early because of all the tourists there, but met a orang-utan and her baby while leaving the center and there were no other tourists there than us, so magical! 


Met this proboscis monkey on a jungle safari on Kinabatangan river, such a wonderful experience! Read more about it here 


The sunset at Kinabatangan River just before hundreds of bats flew over our heads


I meet these two girls in the slum in Kuching. I had some marbles which I gave them. They didn’t take them at first, so I just put them on the ground and a few seconds after I left they were already dividing them! They were so cute that I went back and asked for their photo. After showing them the photo they ran into the house to tell their family about the experience. I am sure it made their day 😀


Another kid in the slum, Kuching


Cameron Highlands. A bit cold, but still beautiful! Here you will be able to visit BOH tea plantation and eat fresh strawberries (and buy everything with strawberries on it, because they are just so proud of their strawberries 😉 )


Georgetown in Penang is famous for its street art. This is one of the more different kinds.

I truly love Malaysia and hope to revisit this country and especially Borneo one day! What do you think of Malaysia?


Siden jeg var barn har jeg drømt om at tage ud og rejse. I år 2011 tog jeg for første gang afsted på en længere rejse. Det endte med at blive seks måneders solorejse og siden har jeg blot forsat med at rejse. Jeg elsker kultur, at se steder som jeg ikke har set før og mødet med de lokale. Jeg rejser sjældent med en guidebog eller kort, da jeg er ret god til at finde vej og elsker at gå på opdagelse. Til gengæld er også jeg utrolig god til at miste mine ting og burde snart indberegne erstatning for mistede ting i mine budgetter....

Tak fordi du læser med!


  1. I love Malaysia, it is such a diverse country and Borneo has to be my favourite!!

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