Angthon National Marine Park
Angthon National Marine Park

Later this year I will be travelling to Thailand again. I am mixed about the visit. I loooove Bangkok, Kanachaburi – the river and waterfalls there. Bangkok was the place I found what I would consider the most authentic Thailand. The people were more relaxed, the contrasts were plentiful and it was full of chaos and small silent oases. Chiang Mai was alright, but the islands wasn’t really my thing…I am looking forward to revisit Bangkok and I am hoping to find a relaxed paradise beach which hasn’t been “destroyed” by tourism (e.g. party beach…any suggestions?). Thailand is beautiful and I hope I will be able to find that magical place. Last time I visited Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui, Bangkok, Kanachaburi and Chiang Mai. I hope you will enjoy the photos 🙂


Me at Maya beach, Koh Phi Phi 


Sunset from the view point at Koh Phi Phi


Angthong National Marine Park, accessible from Koh Samui and Koh Tao


The view from Wat Arun, Bangkok


A tuk tuk in Bangkok


A monk at the Grand Palace. It is considered an honor if someone from your family becomes a monk in Thailand


On the way to Kanachaburi with the local train


A level (out of 7) of the Erawan waterfalls near Kanachaburi. The park is beautiful and a place both locals and tourists visit


Monkeys at the first level of Erawan waterfalls


A tuk tuk in Chiang Mai. I wanted a different photo than the ones you usually see of tuk tuks, which made me take just a bit more photos than usually which was a lot of fun to the nearby locals 😉


A local preying at Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai


Cooking classes are extremely popular in Chiang Mai and a must try if you are a foodie like me 😉


Trekking in the jungle near Chiang Mai. A wonderful experience, but unfortunately we were too many on the tour and we could swim in the waterfall nearby because the group before us had spotted a king cobra, but the nature was beautiful!


The view from our tree house. It was an amazing view to wake up to after a long day of trekking


Participating in the Songkran (The Thai New Year) is a lot of fun for a few days! It is one big water fight for all ages. It last a week in Chiang Mai, but after a few days it just gets a bit too much…..


Siden jeg var barn har jeg drømt om at tage ud og rejse. I år 2011 tog jeg for første gang afsted på en længere rejse. Det endte med at blive seks måneders solorejse og siden har jeg blot forsat med at rejse. Jeg elsker kultur, at se steder som jeg ikke har set før og mødet med de lokale. Jeg rejser sjældent med en guidebog eller kort, da jeg er ret god til at finde vej og elsker at gå på opdagelse. Til gengæld er også jeg utrolig god til at miste mine ting og burde snart indberegne erstatning for mistede ting i mine budgetter....

Tak fordi du læser med!

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