The perfect beach in Kos

On day four in Kos we wanted to find a nice beach in Kos. We did not succeed, but we were determined to find a nice beach! We couldn’t go on a beach holiday without finding a nice beach. We had one more day to find the perfect or at least a nice beach and today was the day. Did we succeed? Read more and find out.


Olive fields along the way

The bike ride begins 
This day we rented bicycles again, but this time we headed west. We had talked to a couple at the hotel. They have been to Kos around 10-15 times and they were Danish so they knew a place where we could find a beach which might be the beach we were looking for. I don’t get why people travel to the same place and the same hotel 10-15 times, but at least they know the island and can help us with advices 😉 We were out early and quickly headed to the beach. We passed through the town where all the local fishermen had just come back from their morning trip. All the fish, octopuses and lobsters were now laying on display for all the restaurant owners to inspect. There was a whole different life at the harbour on this time of day. This part of the harbour was not asleep as it usually was during night time, while the part with all the tourist boats was just about to live up and fill the boats for another day on the water. We rode along the coast watching the beautiful view of the water, Turkey and Kalymnos – this is living, just staying in the moment. We passed small villages with nothing more than a supermarket, a few restaurants and some small houses and hotels.


One of the romantic houses along the way

A meeting with the locals
We were then forced to ride a bit more into the country when a resort blocked our way. It was obvious that we were no longer on the typical tourist path. We were surrounded by fields, small ramshackle houses and olive fields. The local farmers shouted: “Hallo!!” and waved at us. We both loved it! I love trekking, but it is possible to get so much further with a bicycle. I will definitely use bicycles again on my next trip. We only met four other tourists while riding past these fields. We also met a bus once. I don’t know what they would have done, if the bus met a car or another bus, there was just enough space for the bus and us. We rode pass a few beaches. I didn’t really wanted to go any further, but my mother wanted to go further and kept pushing me. I don’t know what happened. It is usually the other way around….


Tigaki beach

Tigaki beach aka the perfect beach
We kept seeing signs for Tigaki beach, the beach we were headed for, but it seemed so far away. It was nearly noon, the sweat was poring down our backs and I just wanted to find the beach soon and find some shade. After about 15 km in total we finally arrived! We went to the local supermarket to buy some cold water and two ice creams. We really feared the prices with a beautiful beach surrounded by expensive resorts, but they were very reasonable. We ate our ice cream and then headed to the beach. There was a lot of seaweed in the water, so we rode a bit further to see if the beach just next to was any better. It wasn’t and the sunbeds were quite expensive. In Kos you will find sunbeds on most beaches. Some cost around €5-6 while others just demand you to buy anything to drink or eat while you are there. We went back to the first beach and for €5 we both got a sunbed and 0.5 L of water. It was noon, so we just went in the water for a quick dip and then laid in the shade and read a book until 3 p.m. The water was cold, but the beach was just the kind of beach we were looking for! Nearly pearly white sand, deep blue water, the mountains in the background and free from music and stones – just perfect! 

After a day at the beach we rode back to our hotel. We made a stop at the local supermarket where we bought snacks for the evening and something to eat on the plane home the next day. We talked to “our” Greek mama from the hotel. Every time we told her about our activities she always said: “Oh, you strong woman!” every time it included a long bike ride, diving or a long walk. She was so lovely!


A beautiful sky over Kos Town

Eating like locals
When we had been to Zia we noticed a small local restaurant not far from our hotel. We asked our mama if was any good and she liked it, so we decided that this was where we were going to have our last dinner in Kos. Unfortunately, they did not take visa. Their machine was broken, but we still had €17. We ordered one pasticcio, one Greek salad, and one fried cheese to share. The owner must have seen us counting the money and must have felt bad for us, because he gave us two portions of pasticcio for the price of one – you got to love the Greek friendliness. Unfortunately we couldn’t eat it all, but we made sure that he knew that it wasn’t his food that were bad, but that we had ordered a bit too much. We then rode into the town on our bicycles. At that point we felt like we had explored all of Kos centre, but we then found a small, beautiful church, we found new streets to explore and went further out on the harbour than usually. A perfect ending to a vacation that was nearly over. I am glad we took this small last minute holiday. We got more energized, we tried new things, saw new place and I think we both realized how much we both needed this getaway.

Thank you for a great holiday, mum. I can’t wait to our next adventure 🙂 Check out the other days from the other days in Kos


Siden jeg var barn har jeg drømt om at tage ud og rejse. I år 2011 tog jeg for første gang afsted på en længere rejse. Det endte med at blive seks måneders solorejse og siden har jeg blot forsat med at rejse. Jeg elsker kultur, at se steder som jeg ikke har set før og mødet med de lokale. Jeg rejser sjældent med en guidebog eller kort, da jeg er ret god til at finde vej og elsker at gå på opdagelse. Til gengæld er også jeg utrolig god til at miste mine ting og burde snart indberegne erstatning for mistede ting i mine budgetter....

Tak fordi du læser med!


  1. Thank you yourselves. We had a wonderful trip to Kos. And next time Thailand and Myanmar is coming up. I can’t wait 🙂

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